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Remember that each note in your chord can be treated as the tonic or root. The notes are equidistant from each other, their relations in stasis or perhaps in a state of constant dynamic interplay… or both. The resulting music is often an accurate descriptor of how individuals relate to each other. I would think in any case that such a relationship would be very energetic, for good or ill. Either way, this is as harmonious as you could ask for.

If your friend is older, then you are their fourth—a bit unresolved, possibly some tension over who sets the tone for the relationship. If you were born close to each other, you can treat each year as an octave.

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Someone born in might get all their notes clustered around the A hz above middle C, whereas someone born in might have their notes clustered around the A below middle C. Understanding who is the bass note is important in any relationship, as well as understanding how other individuals might feel about that. I assume all readers are sensible enough to understand that dominating the scene is not in every case desirable. But the bass note is not always the dominant note or the key center.

As with the Virgo-Aries 4th above, chords can be interpreted a few ways. A lowish A with an F under it can be heard as being a major 3 rd in F or, quite easily, an A with a minor-6 bass note. In my own astrological chord, I tend to interpret my moon sign as the root note, which puts my whole life in a key other than the apparent tonic I tend to treat sun sign as tonic, but a case could be made for the ascendant or, likely, for others. Would you like more help in exploring the Great Mystery that is your life? I agree!

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And that's a key meditation for you right now. Your assignment is to enhance and upgrade the inspiration you feel about the activities that are most important to you—the work and the play that give you the sense you're living a meaningful life. So how do you boost your excitement and motivation for those essential actions you do on a regular basis? Here's a good place to begin: visualize in exuberant detail all the reasons you started doing them in the first place.

Are you ready to seek more help from me in solving the riddles that confuse you? I trust you are excited about shedding old ways of thinking about yourself and eager to revise and re-imagine the plot of your life story. As you do, keep in mind this helpful counsel from physicist Richard Feynman: "You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish.

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I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be. It's their mistake, not my failing. Do you crave more support in your efforts to build your courage? Sixteenth-century artist Michelangelo expressed a similar idea.

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I'm guessing that you Scorpios have been in a phase when these descriptions are highly apropos. The work you've been doing may look productive and interesting and heroic to the casual observer, and maybe only you know how arduous and exacting it has been. So now what do you do? I say it's time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Give yourself a thrilling gift. What can you do to make yourself as receptive as possible to those blessings and relevations?

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If that's even a little bit true, I bet you won't believe it in the coming weeks. According to my analysis, the universe will make a great deal of sense to you—at times even exquisite, beautiful, breathtaking sense.

Life will be in a revelatory and articulate mood. The evocative clues coming your way about the nature of reality could tempt you to believe that there is indeed a coherent plan and meaning to your personal destiny. It's in this context that many individuals feel enlivened by Brezsny's message of free will and human responsibility as a response to the tragedies that occur the world over.

It's no surprise that several human beings feel a need to maintain a positive outlook, and further, that this positivity not only makes a huge difference, but it helps the world to become a better place. Brezsny's astrology vision, on that is imbued with an individual's free will, is well represented by his most recent published work entitled Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia , a title that is meant to counteract the effects of Pronoia's antagonist, paranoia.

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Pronoia emphasizes the connection that human beings have with the entire planet and its ecology, as well as the universe. Moreover, it serves to remind readers that human beings possess within them a power of will and intellect that has driven this species to accomplish great technological feats that have vastly improved lifestyle conditions. With this kind of power, used in a positive direction, human beings could advance so much further. Thus Pronoia attempts to fight the cultural apathy that has resulted from the numerous wars, ecological threats, natural disasters, and general selfishness that pervades human life.