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This shows that your focus should be on helping others prosper like partners and shareholders, etc.

There is a need put the financial interests of others ahead of your own. Debts are easily paid and easily made. Access to outside capital is good. Bonds and the bond market are also of interest for professional investors. Those of you who have insurance or tax claims pending should hear good news now.

In many cases, the Financial Planet in the 8th House shows an inheritance but no one need die for this to happen.

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Someone can remember you in his or her will or you can be called upon to be an executor of an estate and earn that way. Job seekers have a status-quo year. Only a Lunar Eclipse on October 28th can shake things up a bit. It can bring actual job changes or merely changes at the place of work. Those who employ others also have a status-quo year.

The above-mentioned eclipse will probably cause a shake-up among the staff. Three long-term planets are impacting on you. This shows that there is happiness and fulfilment in these kinds of pursuits even though you lack the interest. You will enjoy learning about health, taking on health regimes and exploring the nuances of your body. With both Uranus and Jupiter squaring your Sun, your heart needs to be given more attention.

There are many natural and drugless ways to do this. Energy levels will tend to be volatile. Sometimes you will have the energy of 10 people and other times almost zero. The main danger is overwork, not recognising your physical limits, pushing your body beyond what it is designed to handle. Moods can be ultra-high and then become ultra-low.

Too much of this can impact on your physical health. The best way to do this is through meditation exercises and many of you are deeply involved in this but others of you might resort to medication. It buys time until you can get to the core issues.

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Pluto has been in your 1st House of the Body and image for many years now. So there is a detoxing, a refining and a deep cleansing of the body going on. This is not sickness but a flushing out of old and effete matter. Understand this and co-operate with it. Venus is your Health Planet and she is a fast-moving planet. Over the course of the coming year she will move through 11 of the 12 Signs and Houses of your Horoscope.

Your health needs and attitudes will change almost monthly. That will be the period for reviewing your health regimes, diet and doctors.

Horoscope: January 15th - 16th

It will not be a time for making any drastic changes. Wait to make these changes after June 27th or before May 17th Your health judgement might not be up to its usually high standards and the overall health situation might not be as you think it is. Health is going to improve dramatically after September 25th as Jupiter moves away from its stressful alignment with you but until then be sure to rest and relax more, delegate responsibility and tasks where possible and try to work smarter, not harder.

Keep a sharp focus on priorities and let lesser things go. First of all it is known that these people are usually stubborn, but also very responsible for their loved ones.

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The element that is related to January 15 zodiac sign is the Earth. It means that these people are usually very reasonable and also responsible. There is no doubt that people born on January 15 are full of energy, but they also know to be very calm in some situations. It is interesting that people born on this date are usually very shy and they are almost never in the center of the attention.

However, when they spend time with their friends, they are usually very humorous and people love them. When it comes to something serious or if there are any problems around them, they will be serious, cautious and ready to solve the problem. It is important that they never escape from problems, even though they may be very hard.

As you can see, Capricorn people and especially people born on January 15 have many positive characteristics, so it is good to have this person as a friend.

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Of course, there are also a few of negative characteristics that we can mention about these people. The most negative trait of all Capricorn people is their naivety. Sometimes they may be too naive and they trust everyone. Another negative characteristic of these people is their pessimism. Very often they have negative thoughts and they are afraid of their future.

Family and children have a very important place in the lives of people born on Januar They are ready to do anything to protect their families and to save them from disappointments. Even though Capricorns have usually good health, people born on Januar 15 can be too sensitive, so it can have a negative impact on their health. It is recommended for these people to practice meditation and other relaxing techniques. These persons are faithfull and loyal both in their friendships and relationships.

If you would like to know more about love life of people born on January 15, you should continue reading this article.

When it comes to their love life, we have to say that people born under January 15 zodiac sign are usually very romantic and reliable. They love to be in a relationship with someone who is reliable as well.

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A person born on January 15 will love to have a partner who is intelligent and trustworthy. A Capricorn partner will protect you and make you feel safe. But, you have to do the same. When a Capricorn decides to commit, you should know that it will be forever. Very often a love story of someone born on January 15 has grown from previous friendship.

As we have already said, a person born under January 15 zodiac sign will be very loyal and honest in a relationship. Most important for you is to be loyal as well.

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Of course, we can also mention that people born on January 15 are usually very passionate. They choose partners who will admire them and who can match both their physical and emotional energy. When it comes to love compatibility, we have to say that people born on January 15 are most compatible with people born on 1st, 6th and 9th of a month, but also with people born on 15th, 19th, 24th and 27th.

Aquarius season also begins on the 20th, helping us to examine the future. Venus and Mars will trine on the 18th , making it the perfect time for collaboration. We move into our first lunar eclipse of the year on the 21st, during a full moon in Leo. This lunar eclipse will stir up our feelings as the moon will square with Uranus. Changes that cannot be ignored will be brought to light.

How will you wrestle with those emotions? On the 25th, Mars will trine with Jupiter, imbuing our actions with luck! Dreams have the opportunity to become a reality on the 31st when Saturn and Neptune form a sextile! Get R29 Horoscopes direct to your calendar, every week with two simple steps! Make sure you're notified about new horoscopes by switching on event alerts!